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Luxury / November 29, 2011

10 Traits That Attract Good Looking Wealthy Men

There are some things that wealthy men are absolutely attracted to in a woman. It could be in a sexual way, intrigued way, or relationship way. Of course not all men have the same list of things they want their woman to posse. It could be a woman’s legs, eyes, hair, curves or finger nails. Every man is different, but there are 10 Traits That Attract Good Looking Wealthy Men really look for in a woman. Continue reading below to see what traits they are: 

1. Sexual chemistry: There always have to be a sexual chemistry between daters. If there is not then most likely you too will remain friends.

2. Smile: Men love seeing a woman smile. A smile is extremely attractive plus it shows a bit of confidence and a sense of fun in that particular smile.

3. Kindness: If a man notices that a woman is kind and respectful of those around her, then she is most likely going to be kind and respectful towards him. That is always a plus in relationships.

4. Sense of humor: No man truly enjoys being with a woman who is uptight, unless he is uptight himself. Men take joy in trying out new things and experiencing adventure.

5. Body type: Every man has a favorite body type. Either he likes slender women, curvy women, short, or tall.

6. Eyes: A woman’s eyes can be extremely sexy to a man and just makes his heart melt while he looks into her eyes.

7. Intelligence: No educated wealthy man wants to talk to a woman that cannot hold an intellectual conversation. The woman doesn’t have to have Albert Einstein IQ, but she should be common sense smart and somewhat book smart.

8. Communication skills: Speaking proper English is absolutely sexy. Knowing how to speak to your partner, strangers or business associates are very important as well.

9. Teeth and lips: When a woman has great white teeth it’s automatically sexy and goes hand on hand with a great smile. Her lips should always look moisturized as well.

10. Hair: When a man sees and notices that a woman takes care of her hair that an almost sure sign that she takes care of herself in general. A woman with no knots or tangles is a woman that takes pride in her looks.

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If your wealthy man is good looking, then of course he wants you to look good on his arm as well. First impressions are most likely the most long lasting impressions. A woman should always look her best wherever she goes. If she doesn’t have the time to leave her hair loose, then pulling it back into a neat ponytail is just as nice. Don’t forget to read about the Top 10 Dos & Don’ts When It Comes To Kissing Your Rich Man.

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