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Luxury / October 6, 2011

10 Secrets Men Wish Women Knew

Wouldn’t it be great if we could get in your partners mind. I know just how frustrating it can be trying to understand the opposite sex. It never sists to amaze me how when you sit a couple down to discuss their issues they all too often come down to lack of communication and lack of understanding one another. You know that all too famous saying, “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus” it was invented for a reason. This expression is used to express the great differences between the male and female mind. It is said that we were created differently, our minds, thoughts and emotions simply aren’t the same. Men and women are wired differently. The quicker one is able to understand this the quicker they can find happiness. Read below to check out what are some of the main things men wish their women would know and understand. Give these things some serious though and take them to heart. Understanding these simply facts may be able to save you from unneeded heartache and frustration.

10 Secrets Men Wish Women Knew

  1. Men are capable and willing to talk about feelings ~ It’s true but you may need to approach the subject differently. Try coming at him indirectly by asking him questions like (a) describe your ideal romantic getaway (b) what did you think about me when you first met me (c) how was that changed etc.
  2. Actions Speak Louder Then Words ~ Men are known for showing or expressing their feelings through gestures or actions rather then just saying, “I love you”. He may fix something around the house, take out the trash, bring home flowers etc. He’ll do something to try and make your life a little easier or better.
  3. Men feel more connected by doing activities together ~ Rather then just sitting around having mushy conversations about feeling men feel more connected by actually going and doing something fun together. Even sex for example makes a man feel more connected to his partner.
  4. Men aren’t afraid of commitment ~ Just because a man isn’t rushing down the isle doesn’t mean he’s afraid of commitment. It’s actually known that men take commitment very seriously which is why they want to be 100% before taking that huge step.
  5. Men tend to stray due to their needs not being met ~ This doesn’t necessarily mean he’ll cheat on you but he’ll likely turn his attention else where like work, sports, video games or other hobbies. It’s just as important for a man to have his needs met as it is for a woman.
  6. He is listening ~ Just because he doesn’t nod his head or say something doesn’t mean he isn’t actually listening. Some men simply choose to listen quietly so they can really take in all that you’re saying.
  7. Men need “Me” time ~ Maintaining a life outside of the relationship is crucial. Men and women too for that matter need to engage in relationships and activities outside of the relationship. When people are happy in their individual lives they are more likely to become happy in their relationship life.
  8. Sex is important ~ It’s a proven fact that men think about sex more then women. Sex isn’t just sex to most men. It’s seen as an important act between to committed people that draws them closer together and makes them feel more connected. Men are more turned on by a woman who isn’t afraid to initiate sex sense in most cases it is the man who does most of the insisting in this department.
  9. Men don’t catch on to many of your little cues ~ Be direct don’t just expect him to be able to pick up on your unhappiness. They aren’t mind readers they need you to be upfront and direct so things can be addressed and or resolved.
  10. If you’re willing to try most likely he is too ~ Most men in long term relationships value the life they’ve built with you and aren’t just looking to run. If they see and feel that their mate is willing to work it trough they will most likely be just as willing.

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